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Multilingual Desktop Publishing Content Preparation

Multi-Lingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual desktop publishing (MDTP) is a highly specialized field within the translation and localization industry. Desktop publishing revolutionized the layout and typesetting process for businesses, allowing companies to produce their own content for traditional printing and online purposes. When a company seeks to expand its operations into new markets,...

Software Localization Vital for Web-Based Applications

Software Localization

Software localization services enable your computer programs and applications to be used in other languages while retaining full functionality. Not all software is created equally, however. Desktop programs and mobile apps require different approaches. Web-based applications are also distinct in what they require to be usable in overseas markets. If you plan to expand your business to customers who speak...

What Qualifies as Certified Translation?

Certified Translation

What are the technical differences between certified and non-certified translations? Obviously, the certification aspect plays a big role, and many certifications, degrees and diplomas are granted within the United States alone. Many more are granted internationally, so it’s worth your while to consider which are deemed the most desirable by an authoritative source. It’s kind of like asking what the difference is among various law degrees. Most people would agree that a law degree from Harvard trumps a so-called law degree from an unknown, unaccredited online...

4 Document Translation Challenges

Document Translation

Document translation isn’t as simple as entering text in one language and letting an algorithm spit out a translation. In the battle of human versus computer in translation, the human will always come out on top. Since language envelopes many characteristics of an actual person, from cultural nuances to levels of formality depending on social situations, you can only trust a reputable human translator...

3 Tips for Website Translations

Website Translation

What’s the difference between website translations and other types of translations? Lots, but the biggest differences have to do with search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile readiness.

SEO is just what it sounds like: optimizing a website so that search engines like Google and Bing can properly rank it. Ultimately, SEO plays matchmaker. It connects users (your potential clients) with...