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Tips for Mobile Translation

By |2013-05-30T20:43:04-06:00May 30th, 2013|Lost in Translation|

When professional human translators take on the job of creating mobile apps in different languages, these specialized projects often require a specific approach that considers the design complexity of mobile apps, as well as the particular user base and how they will respond to translated text. When a company wants to reach local language communities [...]

Words that Have No Translation

By |2017-04-18T00:03:32-06:00April 18th, 2013|Lost in Translation|

When it comes to translating and interpreting across various languages, one of the biggest issues that professional human translators face relates to changing words or phrases that do not have a direct translation. Within this general category of lexical differences, there are certain specific kinds of language items that don’t ‘match’ from one language to [...]

Benefit of Localizing your Marketing Materials

By |2013-01-24T22:07:26-07:00January 24th, 2013|Lost in Translation, Verbatim Services Spotlight|

Companies with an international or global reach are quickly realizing that there’s a lot of value in making their marketing or outreach materials more precisely targeted to a particular audience. This is often called “localization” and is pursued along with other marketing efforts such as technical translation of documents into multiple languages. Localization is becoming [...]

Dress to Impress

By |2017-04-18T00:03:32-06:00August 30th, 2012|Lost in Translation|

First impressions are important. Did you know translating documents from English into other languages can increase the word count by more than 20%? This increased volume can wreak havoc on your layouts - moving graphics, illustrations and designs out of position. But this doesn't mean you have to go back to the drawing board on [...]

The Power of Proofreading

By |2017-04-18T00:03:32-06:00June 7th, 2012|Lost in Translation|

Proofreading -- an essential step in finalizing your document -- is primarily about searching for errors, both grammatical and typographical. Our professional translators always proof their work before it is submitted; but it can never hurt to have a second pair of eyes go over something important especially if it is a large or complex [...]

Diabolical Dialects

By |2017-04-18T00:03:33-06:00February 2nd, 2012|Lost in Translation|

Lost in Translation You deal with dialects everyday. But what exactly are they? It is sometimes impossible to determine what makes the difference between a dialect of a particular language or a what constitutes a whole separate language. Commonly, a dialect is defined by variations in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of a standard [...]

Does your translator speak legalese?

By |2017-04-18T00:03:33-06:00October 20th, 2011|Lost in Translation|

Legalese: The specialized language of the legal profession Certified Translations: Exact translation of official documents notarized or verified by translator Apostille: French for certification. International certification similar to a notarization. Legal translations can be tricky and intimidating to those unfamiliar with them. "Language" and "The Law" have always been closely related. Even without [...]