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Human Versus Machine? They Actually Join Forces in Professional Translation

By |2017-04-18T00:03:01-06:00July 7th, 2014|Translation News|

Technophobia has been part of the global consciousness since the Industrial Revolution. From workers worrying about getting displaced by factory machines to modern musings about a future robotic takeover, humans have mixed feelings about automation. As technology has improved, translation demand has increased, and machine translation has become readily accessible. Google lets us click a [...]

Manage Your Site’s Translation from Your Easy Chair

By |2017-04-18T00:03:01-06:00June 24th, 2014|Lost in Translation, Translation News, Translator Spotlight, Verbatim Services Spotlight|

Your website is your welcome mat to the world. What is the best way to open the door of your business to customers of different languages? Maybe you’ve decided it makes sense to translate your website because you get a decent amount of traffic from other countries, and you would like to see more sales [...]

A PhD in Translation Studies? The New Academic Discipline

By |2013-09-26T23:01:52-06:00September 26th, 2013|Translation News, Translator Spotlight, Verbatim Services Spotlight, Your Translation Team|

Happy International Translators Day 2013 When you think of translation, you may casually consider it merely a matter of conversion; the linguistic equivalent of converting kilometers to miles, for example. This impression could certainly be strengthened by the existence of automated online tools such as "Google Translate," or various digital dictionary devices. Translation, however, is [...]

Bridging Cultures

By |2017-04-18T00:03:33-06:00September 8th, 2011|Translation News|

International Translation Day 2011 Did you know? The word translation derives from the Latin word translatio; meaning  "to carry" or "to bring across". We have a talented "Top 25" team of translators that work on many of your projects. St. Jerome, considered to be the patron saint of translators, is known for translating the Bible. Verbatim Solutions [...]

Online Translation – The Future??

By |2017-04-18T00:04:05-06:00December 14th, 2006|Translation News|

It is fair to say that most small to medium sized GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation) companies have professional looking and informative brochure web sites. What is interesting is that more and more of these companies are now following in the footsteps of the industry giants and revamping their sites to facilitate online translation services. [...]

New English Translation of the Torah

By |2017-04-18T00:04:08-06:00July 15th, 2004|Translation News|

The new Chumash features a translation of the Biblical text interpolated with Rashi, the classic Torah commentary, but as it is distilled in the interpretations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s analytical Rashi studies. An overview summarizes the parsha’s place in the overall scheme of the Torah, based on the Rebbe’s teachings regarding the main “point” each [...]