Widen Global Market Reach with Translation Services from Verbatim Solutions

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Verbatim Solutions offers top-notch, professional translation and localization services, including interpretation and website translation, to clients around the world. Professional translation services are critical for doing business in overseas markets, or in any location with a differing language and culture. Verbatim Solutions understands how important effective translation is for this purpose, but that’s only a [...]

The Future of Localization: Too “Fuzzy”, Part 3

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This post is part of a 4 part series that examines the state of the localization industry and where it is headed in the future through use of new technology.The “exact” match, aka duplicate, repetition, internal match. When a document is presented for translation, the first and best type of match hoped for is this [...]

A Second Language and Dementia

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For most people, learning a second language is a pursuit taken up out of necessity rather than for the honorable love of learning.  Students may find the courses a required part of their educational curriculum.  Professionals need to be able to communicate with others on a global stage.  Both are very important reasons for delving [...]

Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere!

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As a business with an international audience there are many reasons you may need live interpretation. Having someone on-site who can handle these linguistic needs can be cost prohibitive for many organizations. Live Telephonic Interpretation can be a great alternative that is simple and easy to use. Being able to communicate in your customer's language [...]

Can you Hear me Now?

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Multimedia content has become a popular and common tool in business today. From website content and social media to HR materials and sales presentations there are many ways it can be utilized to convey your message. In the process of communication, it is always the responsibility of the speaker or communicator to deliver the message [...]

An Eye for Detail

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Because we utilize a trusted pool of translators it is often possible to make use of the same translator when you have recurring projects. This can be a great benefit in the translation process. Over time, the translator can become more familiar with your materials and be better able to capture the correct tone and [...]

How Translation Happens

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You know how it works. You have a document written in English. You need a version of that document in German. So how do you get that document from point A to point B? You send that document to your Verbatim Solutions team. But how exactly does that translation occur? Verbatim Solutions uses a delicate [...]


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Our Azerbaijani translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani to English for a variety of documents in various industries including: Automotive Finance Government Legal Marketing Medical Technical Telecommunications About Azerbaijani Language The Azerbaijani language, also called Azeri, Azari, Azeri Turkish, or Azerbaijani Turkish, is the official language of Republic [...]

The Critical Importance of Translation in Business

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How many times have you heard how the world is now a global marketplace?  Almost any type of business now has access to selling their products and services to almost any country on the globe.  Yet, many businesses fail at capturing international markets and a big reason may be poor translation. Translation is critically important to [...]

Hyperformality, Politeness Markers and Vulgarity

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These are some of the linguistic and ethical issues explored by Constance Emerson Crooker in The Art of Legal Interpretation: A Guide for Court Interpreters published by Portland State University (1996). Crooker is 'crook' only by name, not by nature: in fact, she is a bilingual criminal defence lawyer (English/Spanish) with over 19 years of [...]