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Founded in 2003, Verbatim Solutions has quickly become a leading provider of translation services to organizations worldwide. Our customers include Apple, Sol Republic, Citrix, and many other multi-national organizations. Over the past decade Verbatim Solutions has achieved the global reach, infrastructure, and experience to support both small and large-scale projects.

5-Star Customer Service

As your translation partner, Verbatim Solutions is committed to a customer-oriented experience. We believe that quality Customer Service is key to making your translation decision for your business and for yourself. We take pride in having live account managers available to answer your questions and help make your translations go as smooth as possible.


Verbatim Solutions believes that customer needs should drive technology decisions. That is why we adopt a flexible translation technology approach that includes industry standard tools as well as customized solutions for our customers. On any give project we may employ one or several applications, off-the-shelf tools, custom developed technology, a client’s existing technology infrastructure, or a combination of all the above. In all cases, Verbatim Solutions provides the right solutions to help clients minimize costs, accelerate time to market, and ensure quality.

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