globeYour business is doing well and you want to take the leap. You’ve set your sights on the world. The decision to become a global company is a big deal. There are laws, logistics, and research to worry about. There is also translation which, depending on your business, could include product information, packaging inserts, web pages, internal manuals, and much more. Communication with customers, employees, and partners needs to be accurate, but it must also maintain the spirit of your brand.

Translation can sometimes mean a literal or word-for-word rendition, but localization means you are adapting for the culture to ensure you preserve the character of your company. Idioms and local quirks affect the interpretation of text. Do an online search for “mistranslation” and you will find collections of knee-slapping and head-slamming examples. (We would share some links, but many of the mistranslations are racy, even though unintentionally so.) A commonly recited faux pas is the translation of the Coors “Turn it loose” slogan into Spanish as “Suffer from diarrhea.”

Localization means expert translators take such idioms, and non-native references and comparisons into account. Localization requires the extensive knowledge and understanding possessed by the most talented translators, which is why Verbatim Solutions has put so much energy into growing its pool of exceptional translators. This talent, combined with Verbatim’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based tool, Verbingo, offers the optimal balance between machine capabilities and the human aspect of translation service and management.

Verbatim built the Terminology Management feature into its Verbingo platform to allow clients to maintain control of their brands and consistency across texts. Terminology Management allows you to enter words and phrases that you want translated a specific way each time those words appear. Then, when that text appears, the Verbingo workbench prompts translators to use the term you chose. A translator never has to guess what you want conveyed and can protect your brand and focus on the nuances. So the combination of Verbingo and cream-of-the crop translators gives you invaluable control in an almost-effortless process.

If you are growing your business, you face a lot of challenges. Translation service doesn’t have to be one of them.