Farsi Translation Services

With a large network of in-country, professional Farsi translators, Verbatim Solutions Translations can respond quickly and effectively to your Farsi language translation needs.

Verbatim Solutions provides professional, high quality Farsi to English translations and English to Farsi translations. Our Farsi translation services will help you maximize your global strategy.

Native Speaking Farsi Translators

Verbatim Solutions Farsi translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to Farsi and Farsi to English for a variety of documents in various industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Desk-top Publishing
  • E-Learning
  • Energy&Power
  • Finance
  • Gaming&Gambling
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Multimedia
  • Packaging
  • Rich Media
  • Software
  • Technical
  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications

About Farsi

Persian is a member of the Indo-European family of languages, and within that family, it belongs to the Indo-Iranian (Aryan) branch, within which, the Iranian sub-branch consists of the following chronological linguistic path: Old Persian (Avestan and Achaemenids Persian)

Middle Persian (Pahlavi — Parthian and Sassanids Persian)
Modern Persian (Modern Persian starts approximately around 900 CE to present).

The language itself has greatly developed during the centuries.

Due to technological developments new words and idioms are created and enter into Persian like any other language. In Iran the Academy of Persian Language and Literature is a center that evaluates the new words in order to initiate and advise its Persian equivalent. In Afghanistan, the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan does the same for Afghan Persian (among other languages).