Turkish Translation Services

With a large network of in-country, professional Turkish translators, Verbatim Solutions can respond quickly and effectively to your Turkish language translation needs.

Verbatim Solutions provides professional, high quality Turkish to English translations and English to Turkish translations. Our Turkish translation services will help you maximize your global strategy.

Native Speaking Turkish Translators

Verbatim Solutions Turkish translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to Turkish and Turkish to English for a variety of documents in various industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Desk-top Publishing
  • E-Learning
  • Energy&Power
  • Finance
  • Gaming&Gambling
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Multimedia
  • Packaging
  • Rich Media
  • Software
  • Technical
  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications

About Turkish

The Turkish spoken in the Ottoman Empire (called Ottoman Turkish) used a modified version of the Arabic alphabet. In 1928 however, Mustafa Kemal Atat rk, as a part of his efforts to modernize Turkey, illegalized the Arabic alphabet, replacing it with a modified version of the Latin alphabet.

Turkish is a member of the Turkish family of languages, which includes Balkan Gagauz Turkish, Gagauz, and Khorosani Turkish in addition to Turkish. The Turkish family is a subgroup of the Southern Turkic languages, which is a member of the Altaic language family.

Geographic distribution:
Turkish is spoken in Turkey and 35 other countries. The Turkish used in countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania and Uzbekistan is also called Osmanli.

Official status:
Turkish is the official language of Turkey.
Dialects of Turkish include Danubian, Eski?ehir (spoken in Eski?ehir Province), Razgrad, Dinler, Rumelian, Karamanli (spoken in Karaman Province), Edirne (spoken in Edirne), Gaziantep(spoken in Gaziantep Province), Urfa (spoken in ?anl?urfa Province).