rocketPast translation processes were a lot like the Pony Express. The road could be grueling and the conditions exhausting, and you had to ride, word for word, through every step of the journey.

However, recent processes and technologies have introduced the equivalent of a rocket engine into the equation. New cloud-based tools mean that instead of traveling the translation trail step by step, you can set much of the process to autopilot. Translation is now faster, more accurate, and less expensive.

Remember when a simple, 1,000-word brochure took at least a week to translate because you had to factor in translator availability and time differences, as well as file management? You also had to transfer or email files, then download and re-upload when complete. No more. Verbatim has created a tool that streamlines the translation process: Verbingo.

Verbingo puts the latest in cloud and translation technologies to work. A job that could have taken a week or more previously can be completed within 24 hours. There are only a few simple steps you have to take:

1. Export your InDesign file to IDML format. Verbingo supports several file formats, including Adobe InDesign Markup Language (IDML).

2. Choose your language. Verbingo scans the document, pulling data about the size of the project and matching it with the translation memory database.

3. Create your project. Enter the deadline, as well as the original PDF document, for reference. Verbingo assigns the translation to a project manager. Then real translators who are assigned based on a leaderboard translate it.

4. Retrieve your translation. Open it in InDesign and touch up the formatting and spacing.

Not only is Verbingo’s self-propelled process fast and easy, it’s also manage.fwaccurate and secure. The translation memory stays within the cloud, so phrases do not have to be translated over again, saving even more time and money in the future. All work is completed by Verbatim, which has 11 years of translation experience and more than 4,000 certified translators available.

Verbingo has put the old system of translation out to pasture. It is more than automation. It is the future of global commerce and communication. With these “autopilot” features, it’s so easy to protect your brand and translate more. The results ultimately improve understanding and communication with your customers.