Your website is your welcome mat to the world. What is the best way to open the door of your business to customers of different languages?

happyclock-veer-4665716Maybe you’ve decided it makes sense to translate your website because you get a decent amount of traffic from other countries, and you would like to see more sales coming from those visits. Perhaps you’ve read that experts say that you should translate your content. Direct Marketing News just published an article explaining why localization is now a necessity, stating “global consumers are demanding information in their own language and they’re willing to pay for it.”

Quartz, a site “for business people in the new global economy,” states that “English is no longer the language of the web.” More non-native-English speakers are online, and they want content in their native language.

Even if you’ve put off website translation because the chore sounds daunting, you know it’s time because global eCommerce continues to grow. Fortunately, there has not been a better time to quickly and easily localize your website. With Verbatim’s Verbingo tool, you can be assigned a project manager or manage the project yourself. Anyone working on the project can do so from anywhere, any time. You can check on the project in real time or receive notifications from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

verbatim-real-timeTM-leveragingAs a Verbatim client, you can log into the dashboard and see the status of the project. From there you can see stats, who the translators are, and how much progress has been made. You can sign in and view your project at any time, but you don’t have to because you can request to receive a push notification each time a change is made. You can even easily make edits or changes whenever necessary. You never lose track of a project’s status, and your project can be completed without ever having to speak with anyone or having to worry that you will miss deadline.

It’s easy to welcome the world to your website. Learn more about Verbingo here or submit a quote request.