Phone Interpreting

Phone interpreting is useful for anyone seeking to communicate with those who speak different languages. For specialized industries, including emergency services and the medical community, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Who Needs Phone Interpretation?

Phone interpreting is a quick and cost-effective way to communicate with customers, contractors and other stakeholders with limited English language skills.

Today’s global marketplace compels businesses to accommodate the nee11ds of overseas customers; however, the need for interpreting is common domestically as well. Customers often find themselves in need of an interpreter unexpectedly. If a foreign-language patient with a medical problem requires assistance immediately, having an experienced interpreting service on speed dial is a necessity, not a luxury.

Ingredients for Successful Interpreting via Telephone

When interpreting over the telephone, the professional interpreter must think and act quickly while retaining the accuracy of the conversation.

In a technical scenario, important details must be retained until the speaker has finished his or her thought. If the call involves more than two people, as is often the case in medical and legal consultations, the interpreter may also have to sort out multiple parties speaking at the same time.

For any specialized field or industry, leaving interpretation up to a friend, family member or amateur can result in errors and dangerous misunderstandings. You put your business and your customer’s well-being in the hands of your interpreting service, so it’s paramount that you have an expert on the phone for every call.

Specialized Industries that May Benefit from Interpreting

In addition to the medical community and emergency services industries, on-demand phone interpretation is often needed by the financial industry, governmental entities and the travel industry. Construction and aviation firms frequently do business with overseas interests as well.

In a non-specialized industry, interpreting accuracy may be less of a concern, but for medical, legal and technical topics, an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its terminology is required. Qualified interpreters must know both the native and target languages as well as cultural and dialectic nuances.

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