Translation Management

Website localization is a complex and challenging process, even for small, simple sites. Expanding the process to include multiple language markets and a series of elaborate and content-rich sites makes it almost impossible to manage.

Translation and localization experts recommend the use of a multilingual translation management system, or TMS, to streamline the process. A TMS also will reduce the amount of time and the costs associated with this arduous process.

What Is a Translation Management System?

Despite today’s powerful technology tools, translating complex business artifacts presents challenges that are difficult to overcome without human interaction. Our global marketplace demands that you provide content localized for each market you serve; however, each successful website localization requires programmers, designers and native language translation specialists.

A translation management system helps to centralize and automate the process to the greatest extent possible. A TMS keeps your content and artifacts organized and easily locatable by the entire team.

Translated text is retained in a centralized, cloud-based data warehouse, so your business’s standard terms and blocks of text can be used over and over.

Reduce Administrative Overload and Lost Files

The most valuable aspect of centralized translation management is the reduced need for human interaction. The TMS handles updates, communication and routing, eliminating many administrative duties like assigning tasks, tracking statuses and comparing versions.

With a TMS, you’ll have no more lost files, overlooked emails or time-consuming downloads. You and your team can access files from anywhere via mobile devices, and so can any translator the world over.

Never Again Translate the Same Content Twice

Cloud-based TM systems have the ability to check new content for previously translated words, phrases and sentences. When the human translator receives the document, much of the work may already be done.

Not only does this real-time service expedite the process, but it can potentially save significantly on localization costs. It also ensures consistency in your content and produces superior results, eliminating confusion and increasing accuracy.

Meet Verbingo®

At Verbatim Solutions, we recognize our clients’ need for a state-of-the-art, cloud-based translation management system, and that’s why we have introduced our exclusive Verbingo TM system.

Verbingo is the fastest, most effective TMS in the world, and it’s available exclusively to our clients. Our proprietary encryption technology provides a fully secure environment and privatized access controls.

Automated push notifications track changes and update every team member and stakeholder. Real-time updates mean you know exactly where every project is at all times.

Verbingo manages your entire project, and ensures that no deadlines are missed and nothing falls through the cracks.

Verbatim Solutions is one of the world’s leading translation services. We provide professional translation, interpretation and project management in a five-star customer service environment.

Whether your project is large or small, you can count on us to provide the services you need, including the use of our exclusive Verbingo TMS for all of your website localization needs.