Software and App Localization

Does your tech company have software and app localization taken care of? If not, you’re not going to stay competitive.

Silicon Valley is now just one of many tech startup hubs around the world. More than ever, small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and accelerator programs are focused on technology. Combine that with a growing worldwide market, and suddenly you have an entirely new problem: localization. When it comes to ensuring your software and apps are usable and flawless anywhere in the world, translation isn’t enough.

Localization is different than making sure words are translated and culturally relevant. It’s a little easier when two languages share a root system (like Spanish and French). However, what about English and Cantonese? With vastly different characters, what are the odds of them both displaying correctly on every single device out there? You also have to clear the hurdle of customizing to differing devices all over the world.

Localization tackles each of these obstacles.

Putting it Off

For a small company with a tight budget, the costs of software and app localization can seem insurmountable. Surely it can be put off for a while, right? Unfortunately, no, and localization needs to be built into the budget.

If your software and/or apps aren’t localized anywhere in the world, you’re severely limiting yourself, your business and your product. Localization can make or break your business — and it’s a lot easier to take care of it earlier rather than later.

Even if you currently have no plan to expand your target audience overseas, you should consider the many demographics in your home country that still would benefit from localization. The United States is brimming with diverse communities, and (depending on your business and product) everyone is a potential customer.

Don’t assume localization is only necessary for overseas clients. You might be keeping buyers in your home country at bay, too.

Preventive Measures

Think of localization in the early stages like preventive care. You might not need it yet, but you’ll be in a much better position in the future if you take precautions. Your software and apps will likely grow and evolve, hopefully turning into newer versions and even related products down the road.

The earlier you adopt localization, the better off you’ll be to ensure future generations and versions of your technology are also localized. Work out those bugs early, and you’ll be thankful when your business is experiencing growing pains and there’s no time to focus on localization from scratch.

However, if you really want to streamline the process, rely on professionals to handle localization for you. It’s outsourcing done right, with certified translators and localization gurus at your beck and call. Call Verbatim Solutions, Utah’s local software and app localization experts — we are well-versed in localizing for every country, language, niche and region.