Voice Over

In the digital era, voice-over artists (finally!) get the respect and star status they deserve.

Fans love seeing these artists side by side with sketches of the beloved cartoon characters they give voice to — who doesn’t want to see the man or woman behind a Saturday morning superhero, Disney prince or talking animal sidekick?

Disney theme parks consistently have been replacing voice-overs done by unknowns with those who originated the roles, helping to bring rides and other attractions to life. Corey Burton, the voice of Captain Hook and Megatron, to name just a couple, also voiced the complementary attractions.

Just how powerful is voice-over? It can make or break a project — and it goes far beyond your favorite amusement park ride or morning cartoon.

What’s in a Voice?

When you hear the term voice-over, you probably think of movies and television shows, but that’s just a small part of the job. Voice-overs are essential for corporate videos, commercials, training videos, litigation recordings and a number of other projects that might not be Hollywood bound, but are incredibly important. Voice-over acting becomes even more challenging when translation is involved.

For example, what happens when you need an artist to dub a video that you’ll be sending to your clients in China? Suddenly it’s not just a clear, engaging voice you need — you also need an actor who’s bilingual, culturally sensitive and who can nail the accent (maybe even for a specific region in China).

Voice-overs are powerful, and might make the difference between getting that acquisition, partner, investment, etc. or not.

Finding Your Artist

Different projects will require different skills and expertise. Finding an actor for your student animated film requires an entirely different approach than finding a professional to translate and clarify for your company training video.

When translation is necessary, localization expertise, accent and fluency are just as important as voice quality. You don’t want to post for this kind of position on a random job board. You need and deserve a certified translation and voice-over expert.

Do you need to literally give your business or project a voice? Now isn’t the time to take a chance on your friend who once studied abroad in the country where your video is headed. Make sure your professional has worked on similar projects, is a certified translator and preferably is linked with a company that vouches for him or her.

For your next big voice-over and translation project, call Verbatim Solutions, your one-stop shop for certified experts who can deliver exactly what you need.