Industry-First Feature. Cloud-Based Translation Platform, Verbingo™, integrates Microsoft Word Documents.

Verbatim released details of a groundbreaking, industry-first upgrade to its cloud translation platform, Verbingo™, that enables support of Microsoft Word documents. Now users can easily take existing documents and upload to the system in Word, Excel, CSV, InDesign, HTML, PO/POT, XLIFF, PDF, and custom tags for rapid, seamless translation into more than 120 languages.

File transfer is easier than ever with the range of files supported, but Verbatim has also added a feature which allows the user to upload directly from Dropbox. In fact, Verbatim is currently integrating other content management tools with Verbingo™ so the file transfer process will be simplified for all users. Exchanging FTP files and emails for translation is a thing of the past with this platform.

Verbingo™ enables clients to monitor project progress and quality in real time, while more than 4,000 Verbatim certified translators use shared resources like the glossary, as well as the translation engine and memory. Clients can choose a Verbatim project manager or manage their own translation service projects while maintaining brand consistency and controlling transaction costs.

“Adding Microsoft Word as a fully supported format in Verbingo™ is a major breakthrough for Verbatim, our transactional and enterprise clients, and the entire translation industry,” said Tim Olds, managing director at Verbatim Solutions. “This is a unique industry-first feature developed by some of the best software engineers in the world. And it’s just the beginning. Our programmers are continually enhancing the Verbingo user experience and interface to offer our clients the most robust and agile localization value proposition available.”

“This update further strengthens our technology leadership and value add in the transactional and enterprise localization market,” said George Matus, managing director at Verbatim Solutions. “With more than 2,000 Verbingo™ projects since recent launch in all formats including Excel, CSV, InDesign, HTML, PO/POT, XLIFF, PDF, custom tags and now Word, our enterprise clients have dramatically reduced their localization costs while receiving the highest translation quality in half the time. The results are impressive and demand has far exceeded our expectations. Our programmers are awesome. It’s a game changer.”

Additional benefits and features of Verbingo™ include: centralized file management, real-time translation memory leveraging, translation reuse, terminology management, quality control, privacy and security, push notifications, real-time status checks, and more. Visit: for more info.

About Verbatim Solutions
Verbatim Solutions is a leading provider of translation services to organizations worldwide including Fortune 500 Corporations, US Government and other multinational organizations. With the recent launch of Verbingo™, Verbatim has the capacity to localize up to 3 million words per day, empowering some of the world’s largest corporations to manage their global brands and effectively communicate with their customers, employees, suppliers, and partners into more than 120 languages. With a global network of 4,000 certified translators, Verbatim Solutions has the global reach, infrastructure, and experience to support both transactional and enterprise-scale projects. For more information, contact us.