Verbatim Solutions offers top-notch, professional translation and localization services, including interpretation and website translation, to clients around the world.

Professional translation services are critical for doing business in overseas markets, or in any location with a differing language and culture. Verbatim Solutions understands how important effective translation is for this purpose, but that’s only a small part of the challenge. Basic language translation must be accompanied by localization services as well, to ensure that the client’s message is clear, appropriate and effective. Verbatim Solutions provides a variety of services to ensure that its clients are successful in every market they pursue.

Localization Is the Key to Global Markets

Machine translation may render individual words into another language, but the meaning can easily become lost. English speakers are notorious for using idiomatic phrases and culturally specific references that may have no meaning for those who speak a different language. Likewise, most overseas markets use unfamiliar conventions for dates, names, and currency.

Verbatim Solutions provides services rendered by local experts in foreign markets to ensure that every cultural nuance and convention is accurate. Anything less, and your message may be lost, or worse, misinterpreted or offensive. Although Verbatim Solutions is located in markets across the globe, their world headquarters are at 5200 S Highland Drive, Suite 201, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117. They can be reached by phone at 800-573-5702 or by email at [email protected]. Visit their website to learn more, at

Go Beyond Translation with Verbingo

Verbatim Solutions is proud to offer their exclusive Verbingo cloud-based translation management system. Verbingo is a proprietary, customized solution for managing translation services and it has saved Verbatim’s clients thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

Verbingo provides for the storage of translated documents, but more importantly, it allows for the reuse of already-translated items. For example, if your company frequently uses the same words, phrases, and concepts in your materials, you need not spend the time and money to have those retranslated each time they show up in a document or application. You, your team and Verbatim’s translation and localization professionals can all use Verbingo to access to all of your documents from computers, tablets and smartphones. Verbingo even offers terminology management functionality, a virtual glossary of your approved terms.

A Full-Service Globalization Solution

Today’s businesses must be prepared to serve a global client base. Marketing documents, sales materials and written communications are just the beginning. Web copy and content, e-commerce sites and technical documents are other elements common to anyone doing business today. Even computer software and applications must be translated and localized for each of your markets.

Verbatim also offers interpretation services, certified translations, voice-overs, multilingual desktop publishing and project management services. They take pride in offering full-service solutions, from a single document to enterprise-level service.